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If you are looking for a job that suits you in Japan, it has to be Gaikokujin Poole!!

Gaikokujin Poole is a part time and full time recruitment information site aimed at foreigners living in Japan.
You can easly look for and apply for jobs that suit you!
We will support you all the way through up until you find your job, during your decision, and even after your occupation has been decided!
※You can use all services for free.

Step1 Entry

To begin with, please register as a member of Gaikokujin Poole.
By registering as a member, hiring procedures for prospective recruits can be carried out easily and conveniently. (And of course, member registration is free)
Next, lets search for recruiting information. On the "Search for recruiting news" (link) page, you can search for recruiting information from your desired work type and work place.
When you find a job opportunity that you are interested in, you can save it by clicking on the "favorite" button, and then look through them slowly afterwards from My page.
If you find a business that you would like to apply for, click on the "Entry" button and apply by filling in the necessary items.

【Privileges for Gikokujin Poole members!!】
* You can apply to jobs for free
* Free counselling
* Support for interview planning
* VISA renewal consultation

Step2 Interview

Counselling is carried out easily, by telephone, email, or SNS, from the applied for business or our companies staff. From there, we arrange a interview schedule for you to participate in.

Our companies staff will politely convey to you all items needed for the interview.

Step3 Success

You will recieve a notice of pass or fail from either our companies staff or the business applied to. There will also be discussion of the flow of proceedures leading up to entry into the company at that time.

We will provide unfailing support through your decision up until finalization.