How of use Member registration function

If you register as a member, you can use all kinds of convenient functions on the site.

・ You can confirm all favorited business registrations in one place!
・ A smooth process all the way up until entry!

Firstly with member registration, enter your mobile phone number on the registration screen, and click the ""register"" button.

Search method

If you make a search with numerals and alphabet using half-width english characters, full-width, and various symbols, you will receive incorrect search results.
If you indicate numerous keywords, please seperate with a space or ""or"".
 E.g.: When seperating with a space
 IT support - Any words including ""IT"" and ""support"" will be shown in the search."

My page function

After member registration, you can customize your My page at will. On your My page you can register your education and employment history, as well as qualifications and personal history,
We have assembled funtions to ensure effective exchange with businesses regarding job hunting and change of occupation. After logging in from the top page, you can view new information from businesses you have sent an entry to, and information on present status.

Main funstions of My page
・ Alteration of user information
・ Management of your favorites
・ Management and creation of your education and employmet history
・ Management and creation of licenses and qualifications
・ Management and creation of career and job history
・ Management and details of entry information
・ Status of entries

Password reset method

In cases where you cannot reset your password, please confirm the following.

1) Has it been over 24 hours since message receipt?
If so, please get a reset email one more time from here.

2) When resetting, did you enter a different password in each of the first and second entries?
When setting your new password, you will be asked to enter it 2 times, so please make sure to enter the same password both times.

3) Are there any full-width characters or spaces, or less then 5 characters in your new password?
Please set your password with half-width english numerics, and 5 or more letters.

4) Are there any full-width chcarcters or spaces in the password you are trying to reset?
When you enter your new password, please make sure not to include half-width characters etc.

5) Are there any mistakes in your mobile phone number? (capital letters, lower case letters, full-width characters, spaces etc.)
On the password reset screen you will be asked for your mobile phone number. After referencing the mobile phone number in the sent ""password reset message"", are there any spaces before or after? Also please enter after making sure that there are no mistakes in the spelling.

6) Have you accessed the reset through an incomplete link?
In cases where the reset page isn't show evem after clicking on the URL in the ""password reset message"", the URL may be incomplete. Please allow the showing of the screen from a complete link.

Can you register as a member with a mobile phone email address?

You cannot register as a member with a email address. Please register with your mobile phone number.

I have created multiple accounts, what now?

There is no problem with registering multiple accounts, however, if it is not necessary, please delete it by clicking the ""cancellation"" button in the menu at the top of the My page screen.

I would like to cancel my application.

You cannot cancel an application once it has been made. Please contact the company to which you applied, and request cancellation.

Whats happening? I haven't received a response from the company I applied to.

The adoption process after application is left up to the companies to decide. This service is media for the posting of recruiting information, and as such, there is no intervention into contact with both parties. For any questions regarding length of time between response etc, please enquire to the business directly. Depending on the business, there may be some time before response, so please be aware.

I would like to confirm if my application was complete or not.

With regards to whether or not you correctly sent your application contact to the desired company, please see the ""entry company page"" on your My page. If it is listed in your application history, it has been completed.
The business will get a notice of application, and from then, will have the right to view the resume of the applicant.

I sent incorrect information in my application. I want to amend it (cancel my application).

Information sent at the time of application arrives at the company as soon as you send it, so it is not possible to review or cancel it at Gaikokujin Poole. Please contact the company directy by phone.

Is my privacy protected?

INNTEGRA Ltd acts as the company that handles recruiting and recruitment information, and as such, collects, uses, and protects personal information appropriately. So that users can search for and change jobs with security, they handle personal information with care, and thoroughly plan anything in relation to the employee under the ""personal information protection policy"". Please refer to the ""protection of personal information"".

Details on ""protection of personal information"" can be found here"

At what times are personal information disclosed to businesses?

When you apply to a business, all information in your personal history, including personal information, is shown to the company.
※ All information in your personal history includes name, birthday, current address, telephone number (mobile, home, company), and E-mail.

I would like to cancel my account, so please delete all registered data.

All information registered can be deleted at the time of withdrawal.
First, login to ""My page"", and show the ""user information"" screen. Please click on the ""accout cancellation"" button at the bottom of the screen to withdraw. All registered information will be deleted.

Business correspondance is bad

This service acts as a media outlet for posting recruitment information for businesses, and as such, as a general rule, we do not intervene in problems between the 2 parties of the company and applicant. However, depending on the situation, there are cases where we are forced to caution the recruiting company. If you have any trouble, please inquire with us.

Platform dependant characters

Platform dependant characters are characters like half-width katakana, circled numbers, and roman numerals that only exist on certain platforms and operating systems.
When these characters are shown on a different platform, there is a possibility of corruption, so please do not use.

An error occured. The screen isn't appearing.

Sorry for the trouble, but please let user support know of the following situations.
1) Pages where an error occurs
2) Contents of the error
3) User name
4) Registered email address
5) Browser type and version
6) OS

※ Please confirm the browser settings before contacting us.
・ Is the Java Script valid?
・ Are cookies allowed in the settings?

If you are unsure of other issues apart from these, please make an inquiry.